Saturday, 6 October 2012

Visual Thinking Evaluation and Group Crit 'POP'

What worked and what didn't?
One of the things that I found trouble with was trying to create letterforms that didn't look repetitive or we too abstractly related to word, as I found the word I was given to be hard to work with in general especially as I didn't want any of my work to fall into the cliche category.

One of the things that I thinked worked out well for me was to choose specific things from the images that I collected as it allowed me to concentrate on that one feature and then work from it and at the same time keep the letters from getting over complicated and over thought even.

What would I do Differently Next time around?

One thing that I would have definitely done differently would have been to experiment more with different forms of media and techniques, with that in mind the brief was pretty strict in terms of colour and scale which I found to be a huge restraint as I hardly work in black and white or grayscale.

During the group crit we had to put up 5 of the best letters that everyone had done, as we all chose them together as a group up on the wall, and then had to swap groups with another one and then critically analyse them and take down ones that did not fit their purpose until 1 was left. Mine was unfortunately one of the first to be taken down, which I wasn't too happy about but wasn't surprised at considering I had chosen quite abstract forms of pop to portray.