Thursday, 28 May 2015

PPP - Final Portfolio PDF

PPP Branding - Submission Boards

PPP Module Evaluation

PPP has always been a module which I have enjoyed and have found interesting, and has been somewhat of a documentation of my journey throughout LCA and as my development as a designer, person and design professional.

The final year of PPP has been a lot more focused on my design practice within the professional world and the how I have developed throughout this final year into the designer I now am. PPP this year especially, but all 3 years have helped guide and inform me about the design industry and about how to approach studios, designers and even how to professionally handle clients.

Positives Throughout The Module
One of the biggest positives from this module would be the placement/ part time job, which I have been doing as a junior design for Leeds based event companies Set One Twenty & NoCurfew Events. I had started the job at Set One Twenty prior to the final year and was an opportunity that came about in the summer.

I feel that if it was not for the professional skills I have developed and industry insights I have gained throughout this module I would not have been able to achieve this. Through the part time job at Set One Twenty I gained the second at NoCurfew events.

Working for these companies has given me a great deal of experience of working as a designer in the industry within the events and promotional sectors, having to work towards real deadlines and having to liaison with other industry professionals has been something which I have enjoyed and learnt from. Along with this experience and industry knowledge It has been really for networking and meeting new contacts, another skill which I do not think I would have had if it was not for this module.

Difficulties faced throughout the module
Difficulties I have faced throughout this module would be initially applying for design interships at graphic design and job placements, this was something which I was not very confident doing, and have not had much success with. This is definitely something which this module has helped me to overcome and have more confidence in doing.

Skills I have developed throughout the module
One of the main skills that I have developed and improved throughout the module would be presentation skills. I have never been the most confident person presenting my work but after the presentations we have had to do throughout not only the final year but all 3 have definitely helped me to get better at doing them. In addition to this my networking and professional social networking skills have improved throughout this module, things such as LinkedIn I never really used properly before this module and I think that the introduction of it and how to use it was a crucial part of the module for me, I feel as though it has enabled me to have much more professional online presence.

What I would do differently next time

Next time I would probably engage more the module in general in the first 2 years, as I feel this was something that would have helped me when starting the final year. I feel as though I had not really done any proper networking until I had reached the final year and I definitely wish I had been more involved with contacting studios and designers prior to this.