Friday, 28 September 2012

Freshers Flu Evaluation

What Roles did you take in the group?

Development and Design of Logo and Leaflet which was done as part of the group, the majority of the Photoshop and editing was done by myself.

How well did you think you performed in the role?

I think that overall we as a team generated good ideas and we all contributed to that and I think that I efficiently worked whilst using photoshop.

How well do you think you worked as a group?

I think that we worked well as a group especially as the week progressed as we got to know one another and how we all work better.

What were the positives of working in a group?

One of the main positives of working in a group was the sheer amount of ideas that we put to the table as well as different points of views and opinions on things which was great for evaluating the work.

What were the negatives of working in a group?

As well as it being one of the positives, having conflicting ideas and points of views was one thing that affected the outcome as we all had our own preference and ideas about certain elements to the work, linked in with this was how easy it can be to get distracted by the people you are working with.

What will you do differently next time?

Next time round I would definitely make sure that I was more prepared in terms of things to bring in and also use of the workshops as this project was one that could have benefited from some of the workshops available to us, for example fabric screen printing.

Where could you have improved your resolution?

I think that it was mainly down to the quality of the items we had made which was where improvements could have been made such as a better printed box and also some sort of testing or a trial period. In addition to this if we had printed some t shirt with the logos on them it would have been a good item to have as part of the whole set.

What were the strengths of your presentation?

One of the main things that went well during the presentation was our timing and organization and the distribution of speaking was even.