Friday, 14 December 2012

How to Evaluation

The how to brief had overall went well.

The main issues that we came across was the group not being able to decide on an idea and also not being organised enough, as we had to split into 2 different groups due to this. Apart from this minor hiccup me and Roxy picked up the brief and I believe we created a decent outcome to the issue given to us.

Some things that I think went well was how people interacted and reacted to the cards, as this was one of the main selling points of the cards, this was also the highlight of the presentation, speaking of which I think that the presentation was also one of the things that went well as I think that it shown and explained everything that it needed to about 'Jargon Beaters' and the Cards.

One of the things that didnt go so well was when I was getting the cards printed as we had initially wanted them to be printed double sided but the images were not lining up so we had to stick 2 sides together to make the cards, with that sin mind they ended up looking professional still.

Friday, 23 November 2012

End of Module Evaluation

This is the end of module evaluation sheet we were required to fill out. I think that this is a good thing to do as it helps me to express my thoughts about how I think I've done and what I thought about the module.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Message and Delivery Evaluation

I think that this brief went went overall as I think it was one of the first briefs where we could implement some of the things we had been learning about type in our Context Of Practice & Design Principle sessions.

For the research part of the brief I think that I would have used a different story having known what we was going to be using them for as I found it hard to find things that were not overly disturbing or sincere and also there was not much leeway to work with keeping to the initial story so I had to go off onto a tangent. I would also have tried to look for more actual graphic design research as I mainly concentrated on actual facts and images which I still found challenging to find things that I could use to interpret in a design form.

One of the things that worked from the crits we had about the poster was the use of a bright pink as it accentuated who the target audience was and also appealed to the target audience. The use of a font which had a bold and dashed version of it helped to emphasis the idea of cosmetic surgery and how it they marks patients with pen before surgery. One of the things that didn't work so well was that the poster could sometimes be seen to be offensive or stereotype women and what they get done in terms of cosmetic surgery and stereotypes cosmetic surgery in general.

For the Distribution part of the brief I decided to take into account some of the feedback received during the anonymous crits about using glossy paper to accentuate the idea of 'over-the-top look, and artificialness'.

One of the things that I would have done different given more time would be to print out the mailshots on double sided glossy paper at a professional printers as I printed them on my own printer on 2 separate photo paper. I would also change the one of the mailshots as I think looking back at it now it looks like I had chosen a image with low resolution to work from but it was in fact a filter that I applied.

One of the things that worked really well was the envelope printed on double sided paper instead of 2 pieces  of standard paper as it made everything look professional and like a final product, I would also say the getting  the poster reprinted on high quality satin added to this. Things that didnt work so well was when printing on my printer some of the colours came out different to what they needed to be and I think this made the mailshots look separate but still part of a set but not as in conjunction as I wanted.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Alphabet Soup Illustrator Typeface Evaluation

One of the things about this typeface which I would have changed would be the fact I got it printed on matt paper as I would have liked to print it onto gloss but did not get around to doing so. I think it would have brought out the colour a lot more and would have complimented the initial design and the accents I have used are meant to emphasis that the polygon shapes and like diamonds.

I think that a lot of things went well as I was pretty happy with the outcome as all of the letter forms looked better once they were all together. I think that the yellow worked better than the originally proposed magenta as I think that it stands out but is not too striking. Some of the things I didn't think went so well or which I initially found challenging was was finding out how to actually remove part of the actual letter that was making contact with the shapes on Illustrator. I figured it out in the end but would have helped me if I had known before.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Message and Delivery Crit

Today we presented our newspaper article and research, I personally found it hard to research on the article I had chosen, so I said that I had to go off on a tangent which I told them. With this in mind I decided to start looking at things that are in some sense spin offs, such as Cosmetic Surgery and what people consider as beauty, and badly done plastic surgery.

I thought the crit went well as the feedback I had received gave me more direction and something less sinister to follow up on yet staying true to the initial story.

We were then told that we would be briefed on the first Monday we are back after reading week as to what we are going to be doing and using the research for.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Alphabet Soup Partner Typeface Crit & Evaluation

During the crit we had to stand up and present our typefaces to the group but alongside our partners. I believe that the crit went well as the feedback I received was positive and Leo himself also liked the typeface and thought it fit the purpose of portraying him. I also agreed and liked the typeface he had created for me as I thought it was straight to the point but well thought out as he has included subtle things which made it different and tailored to and about me such as a line striking through each letter in different places and of different weights which was to symbolise how I can speak and am of Gujarati origins as the language is written under the line not over it. The overall typeface he had created and worked from was fairly bold which is one thing I know I am.

Some of the feedback I received was that the typeface generally worked well to portray Leo as a person. But the things they really liked and thinked worked best was the little elements I had included and what they meant such as the brick texture to represent London and the choice of font due to his overall personality.

They had also said that from afar the typeface was hard to make out at times but with the use of colour it was a lot more eligible and was infact suited to the use of colour.

What would I do next time around?

Some of the main things I would change if I was to do this again would be to try a few more different ideas or explore a few more things as it was one of the things I was told not to do and I would have liked to see what implimenting more factors within the typeface would have been like. Along with this the inclusion of colour for the whole process as I personally believe its helps me to produce ideas and develop them,but then again I guess that it was part of the task to work in black and white.

What worked and what didn't?

The main things that worked as planned would have to be the overall look of the typeface as I wasn't too sure if it would have came out overworked or possible even too simple but was just right as I think it said all that it needed to whilst keeping it sophisticated and relevant.

One of the things as mentioned before that didn't work out as well was how eligible or clear the typeface was from a distance, this was due to many factors colour being the main one as it would have helped to show and highlight the different parts of the letters and the initial shapes, the other reason was down to the composition of the overall letters as they were tightly compacted which is what made them quite hard to make out.

Critical Evaluation Of Own Work?

Presentation Of Blog?

Quality Of Academic Writing?

Quality Of Design Work?

Is The Blog Up to Date?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Alphabet Soup Partner Typeface Power Crit

During the alphabet soup project we had a progress crit on the Friday of the first week we had work to do in.

Some of the main points that were raised during the crit for me was to not over complicate things as I had initially intended to include a minor form of Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Leo (my partner) had previously lived in Egypt for a while. Another point that was linked into this was that I should start to consider scale and how what I was going to design would look like on different scales and what I could do to make it work on those different scales. The final point that was raised was that I should stick with the idea of the grimy looking slime covering the letters as it fulfilled its purpose of showing and portraying who and what Leo likes as a person.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Study Task 3 - What Is Graphic Design Part 2?

During todays studio session we had to lay out our previously collected 25 images from the criteria we had chosen, I had chosen:

1.    Creative use of type2.    Personal Interest3.    Detail4.    Simplicity5.    Interactive

We then had to choose one piece of work from each category which we thought was the most effective or true to the criteria and criticize them using the following criteria:

  • Function 
  • Design Context
  • Message
  • Tone of Voice
  • Scale
We then came up with lists of points that would help us to judge work for each one of these criteria.


This image I have chosen for the function criteria as it is straight forward with its purpose, it is an infographic its function is to inform and educate, which is all it simply does.

I have again chosen an info graphic image due to the fact that this time it was part of an interactive piece of work, but once again is direct with  its function which is to inform and educate.

Design Context

For design context I have chosen a logo/branding design as I believe it is one of the most versitile forms of graphic design.

I have chosen some packaging for this image as I believe it shows and fits the criteria well as it shows another form of graphic design and its components.

Tone of Voice

This image may not be the best looking piece but I think it fits in well with the given criteria, as the tone of voice is an optimistic yet informative.

This image I have chosen as I think it is a good example of a quirky, playful tone of voice.


This image is of the IBM data wall which is a different yet fresh take at graphic design which I think the initial concept and idea was really good.


For scale I chose this cleverly design kinetic Billboard which has been done for Levis.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Study Task 2 - What is Graphic Design Part 1

During the PPP Session today we had shown our 10 images that reflect our creative interests and were put back into the blog groups to explain and present them, these are the notes from that session:


·      Detail
·      Traditional Print
·      Type on its Own
·      Layering and Collage
·      Progressive Rock/Pink Floyd Style
·      Ink Drips
·      Hand drawn/Skills


·      Contemporary
·      Hand Drawn yet computer edited
·      Type
·      Paper Cutting
·      Old and New
·      Skateboarding Design


·      Computer  Design
·      Clean and Sophisticated
·      Type and Layout
·      Digital Collage
·      Branding
·      Intricacy
·      Screen Print
·      Charity Related Work


·      Info-graphics
·      Clean
·      Informative
·      Contemporary Graphics
·      Use Of Type
·      Scale
·      Finishing Techniques
·      Logo Design


·      Flat
·      Hand drawn
·      Simple
·      Quirky
·      Meaningful
·      Political
·      Urban Regeneration
·      Music Related Art
·      Wes Wilson
·      Psychedelic
·      Detail/Intricacy
·      Lines and shading
·      Clean and Tidy – Photoshop


·      Crisp Design
·      Minimalistic
·      Street Art
·      Photography
·      Geometric Shapes
·      Architecture
·      Vector Based


·      3D Work
·      Instantaneous Graphics
·      Info-Graphics
·      Tattoo Designs

After having gone around the groups we then had to select the most unique and bespoke reasons to say to make a list as a class, we had chosen:

·      Detail
·      Type
·      Print Techniques
·      Photography
·      Clean
·      Conceptual Design
·      Info-Graphics
·      Branding
·      Computer Generated
·      Hand Skills
·      Music Art
·      Finishing Techniques
·      Collage
·      Tattoo Design
·      Packaging
·      Illustration

From these we had made a list of 14:

·      Visual Quality
·      Tone Of Voice
·      Detail
·      Simplicity
·      Meaning
·      Visual Content
·      Interactive
·      Media
·      Format
·      Creative Use Of Type
·      Style
·      Personal Interest
·      Language
·      Layout

From these 14 we then had to select 5 that particularly interested you and then collect 5 images for each criteria. The 5 that I chose and thought would be interesting to further research were:

1.    Creative use of type
2.    Personal Interest
3.    Detail
4.    Simplicity
5.    Interactive

Creative Use of Type:

This image is by Martin Schmetzer Swedish designer who has created some amazing typographic based labels for a beer company. 

These logos/images have been done by various graphic designers for a project to re-brand graphics around the city of Melbourne, the though processes and visuals is what most interested me about this piece.

This image is by Irish Graphic Designer Steve Simpson, this image caught my eye due to how the type looks like it is part of the image and not just placed in it, I think this is due to the actual context of the type.

This illustration is by British designer Andreea Niculae which was for Brothers Grimm - 300 years, I like how she has used the type in its simplest form yet keeping it sophisticated.

These images designed for Nike are by Brazilian  graphic Designer Marcelo Schultz, the texture and 3D element to this piece of work is what drew me to it and how well executed it is.

Personal Interest

These logos designed by Polish graphic designer Redkroft have been something that has inspired and interested me for a while now, especially due to how simple of a concept it is.

These illustrations by Florian NICOLLE have adapted some of most crucial styles of illustration and use of ink and watercolor that had inspired me when I had initially started to explore illustration in the past.

This amazing piece of digital art is by Italian Graphic Designer Alberto Seveso,  I like how he has used to very simple components and merged them together to make something which is truly stunning.

This next image of some embossing which was done as a branding project for some Organic Honey, this was done by south African Graphic designer Marcel Buerkle. The attention to detail as well as choice of colour and finish is what I think is what makes this image piece so interesting and visually pleasing and effective.

This Image of a collection of items which was part of a re-branding for a company is done by multiple owners. This piece caught my eye due to how clean and simple it is, yet of substance at the same time.


This illustration is by German illustrator Philipp Lemm, this piece has been done so intricately it immediately got my attention, I think that I personally highly regard it even more due to it being done by hand. 

These beautifully designed icons have been done by American Graphic designer Jared Nickerson, who works purely withing a vector based style keeping everything clean and crisp. I think that this unique style and how he has done it with so much detail is why it looks so well executed.

This intricately done piece is by French Design duo Zim And Zou, who have created life size models of basic items from the 90's, they have made all of the items using cut paper, which is why I have chosen this piece as the attention to detail is immense.

These photos of British illustrator Joe Fenton at work on his 'Solitude' project are the pinnacle of attention to detail and hand drawn images as the scale and amount of detail he works with is something that not a lot of designers and illustrators can achieve.

These photos of branding & packaging project by Mexican designer Anagrama, are very simple but very much sophisticated at the same as the use of colour and composition are really something throughout this piece.


The simplistic images are done American Graphic designer Mehmet Gozetlik, who's take on re-branding simple house hold items is truly beautiful as he strips items down to there bare form.

These cleverly designed everyday items have been done by Spanish Graphic design studio MENOSUNOCEROUNO, who have taken items that we usually see everyday and around the house and has simply re-branded them simply using type and colour.

This cleverly designed shop front and all of its graphics has been done by Japanese graphic designer Ken Lo, who has created some very simple yet visually pleasing packaging, menu's and other items which keep to a very strict yet effective uniform of colours and style.

'Cipher' a fairly simple yet incredibly clever concept developed by Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic, has created a glass with a mosaic which shows what drink is in the glass due to clever use of colour theory.

These informative pieces of graphic design done by Polish graphic designer Peter Tarka, utilizes typography, geometric shapes and use of colour in such a combination, that it create beautifully simple piece like above.


This beautifully designed Iphone App for the Behance network has been done by multiple owners, I like how simple it is yet still keeps it's functionality.

This weather app has been designed by American Graphic Designer Roberto Nickson, who has used photos to create a nice backdrop for a beautifully simple weather app for the Iphone.

This piece is by Argentinian Graphic Designer Martín Liveratore, who has designed an ebook in homage to the typeface Helvetica.

This clean app for weather for the Ipad has been designed by Graphic Designer Alberto Antoniazzi, who has used simple vector based graphics against pastel colours to create this visually pleasing app for the Ipad.

This creative website for Puma was designed by Chinese Graphic Designer Yong Yu, who has used bright and bold colours to interact and attract customers.