Friday, 23 November 2012

End of Module Evaluation

This is the end of module evaluation sheet we were required to fill out. I think that this is a good thing to do as it helps me to express my thoughts about how I think I've done and what I thought about the module.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Message and Delivery Evaluation

I think that this brief went went overall as I think it was one of the first briefs where we could implement some of the things we had been learning about type in our Context Of Practice & Design Principle sessions.

For the research part of the brief I think that I would have used a different story having known what we was going to be using them for as I found it hard to find things that were not overly disturbing or sincere and also there was not much leeway to work with keeping to the initial story so I had to go off onto a tangent. I would also have tried to look for more actual graphic design research as I mainly concentrated on actual facts and images which I still found challenging to find things that I could use to interpret in a design form.

One of the things that worked from the crits we had about the poster was the use of a bright pink as it accentuated who the target audience was and also appealed to the target audience. The use of a font which had a bold and dashed version of it helped to emphasis the idea of cosmetic surgery and how it they marks patients with pen before surgery. One of the things that didn't work so well was that the poster could sometimes be seen to be offensive or stereotype women and what they get done in terms of cosmetic surgery and stereotypes cosmetic surgery in general.

For the Distribution part of the brief I decided to take into account some of the feedback received during the anonymous crits about using glossy paper to accentuate the idea of 'over-the-top look, and artificialness'.

One of the things that I would have done different given more time would be to print out the mailshots on double sided glossy paper at a professional printers as I printed them on my own printer on 2 separate photo paper. I would also change the one of the mailshots as I think looking back at it now it looks like I had chosen a image with low resolution to work from but it was in fact a filter that I applied.

One of the things that worked really well was the envelope printed on double sided paper instead of 2 pieces  of standard paper as it made everything look professional and like a final product, I would also say the getting  the poster reprinted on high quality satin added to this. Things that didnt work so well was when printing on my printer some of the colours came out different to what they needed to be and I think this made the mailshots look separate but still part of a set but not as in conjunction as I wanted.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Alphabet Soup Illustrator Typeface Evaluation

One of the things about this typeface which I would have changed would be the fact I got it printed on matt paper as I would have liked to print it onto gloss but did not get around to doing so. I think it would have brought out the colour a lot more and would have complimented the initial design and the accents I have used are meant to emphasis that the polygon shapes and like diamonds.

I think that a lot of things went well as I was pretty happy with the outcome as all of the letter forms looked better once they were all together. I think that the yellow worked better than the originally proposed magenta as I think that it stands out but is not too striking. Some of the things I didn't think went so well or which I initially found challenging was was finding out how to actually remove part of the actual letter that was making contact with the shapes on Illustrator. I figured it out in the end but would have helped me if I had known before.