Monday, 8 October 2012

Study Task 3 - What Is Graphic Design Part 2?

During todays studio session we had to lay out our previously collected 25 images from the criteria we had chosen, I had chosen:

1.    Creative use of type2.    Personal Interest3.    Detail4.    Simplicity5.    Interactive

We then had to choose one piece of work from each category which we thought was the most effective or true to the criteria and criticize them using the following criteria:

  • Function 
  • Design Context
  • Message
  • Tone of Voice
  • Scale
We then came up with lists of points that would help us to judge work for each one of these criteria.


This image I have chosen for the function criteria as it is straight forward with its purpose, it is an infographic its function is to inform and educate, which is all it simply does.

I have again chosen an info graphic image due to the fact that this time it was part of an interactive piece of work, but once again is direct with  its function which is to inform and educate.

Design Context

For design context I have chosen a logo/branding design as I believe it is one of the most versitile forms of graphic design.

I have chosen some packaging for this image as I believe it shows and fits the criteria well as it shows another form of graphic design and its components.

Tone of Voice

This image may not be the best looking piece but I think it fits in well with the given criteria, as the tone of voice is an optimistic yet informative.

This image I have chosen as I think it is a good example of a quirky, playful tone of voice.


This image is of the IBM data wall which is a different yet fresh take at graphic design which I think the initial concept and idea was really good.


For scale I chose this cleverly design kinetic Billboard which has been done for Levis.