Thursday, 31 January 2013

End of Module Evaluation 405

Coaster Evaluation

I was very pleased with the outcomes from this brief.

One of the main things that went well during this brief was the screen printing as it allowed me to use gold ink and also helped give it that finished product look which is what I aimed for. The designs of the coasters came  out well, but one thing I might have done differently had I had more time would be the composition on the 'Flavour' coaster as I think that on some of them it can be a slightly visually unpleasing or unsettling at the most.

I would have also done more varieties of coasters and therefore linked it to some sort of company or distributors so I could do more with it, such as online versions and Facebook and twitter pages.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Typo-Gateaux Evaluation

The Typo-gateaux brief had went fairly well considering that we initially did not have many strong ideas.

One of the main things that went well about it was the actual baking itself as the cake turned out fine and was easy to cut to shape, other things that went well we things such as the colours when made from the food colouring.

Some of the things that didnt go so well was the cutting out of the actual letters for the Adobe Software icons, this was due to the icing being not as easy to cut as paper or card.

Overall I think that everyone contributed to the brief equally but I had more input into it with the concept of the design and when cutting the letters.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Research Crit

The Initial crit for this brief to present our research on given topics went very well considering that everyone had a decent amount of work to show in the crit and that people had actually started to look into things that were more directed towards their interest.