Friday, 19 October 2012

Alphabet Soup Partner Typeface Crit & Evaluation

During the crit we had to stand up and present our typefaces to the group but alongside our partners. I believe that the crit went well as the feedback I received was positive and Leo himself also liked the typeface and thought it fit the purpose of portraying him. I also agreed and liked the typeface he had created for me as I thought it was straight to the point but well thought out as he has included subtle things which made it different and tailored to and about me such as a line striking through each letter in different places and of different weights which was to symbolise how I can speak and am of Gujarati origins as the language is written under the line not over it. The overall typeface he had created and worked from was fairly bold which is one thing I know I am.

Some of the feedback I received was that the typeface generally worked well to portray Leo as a person. But the things they really liked and thinked worked best was the little elements I had included and what they meant such as the brick texture to represent London and the choice of font due to his overall personality.

They had also said that from afar the typeface was hard to make out at times but with the use of colour it was a lot more eligible and was infact suited to the use of colour.

What would I do next time around?

Some of the main things I would change if I was to do this again would be to try a few more different ideas or explore a few more things as it was one of the things I was told not to do and I would have liked to see what implimenting more factors within the typeface would have been like. Along with this the inclusion of colour for the whole process as I personally believe its helps me to produce ideas and develop them,but then again I guess that it was part of the task to work in black and white.

What worked and what didn't?

The main things that worked as planned would have to be the overall look of the typeface as I wasn't too sure if it would have came out overworked or possible even too simple but was just right as I think it said all that it needed to whilst keeping it sophisticated and relevant.

One of the things as mentioned before that didn't work out as well was how eligible or clear the typeface was from a distance, this was due to many factors colour being the main one as it would have helped to show and highlight the different parts of the letters and the initial shapes, the other reason was down to the composition of the overall letters as they were tightly compacted which is what made them quite hard to make out.