Friday, 28 September 2012

Freshers Flu Evaluation

What Roles did you take in the group?

Development and Design of Logo and Leaflet which was done as part of the group, the majority of the Photoshop and editing was done by myself.

How well did you think you performed in the role?

I think that overall we as a team generated good ideas and we all contributed to that and I think that I efficiently worked whilst using photoshop.

How well do you think you worked as a group?

I think that we worked well as a group especially as the week progressed as we got to know one another and how we all work better.

What were the positives of working in a group?

One of the main positives of working in a group was the sheer amount of ideas that we put to the table as well as different points of views and opinions on things which was great for evaluating the work.

What were the negatives of working in a group?

As well as it being one of the positives, having conflicting ideas and points of views was one thing that affected the outcome as we all had our own preference and ideas about certain elements to the work, linked in with this was how easy it can be to get distracted by the people you are working with.

What will you do differently next time?

Next time round I would definitely make sure that I was more prepared in terms of things to bring in and also use of the workshops as this project was one that could have benefited from some of the workshops available to us, for example fabric screen printing.

Where could you have improved your resolution?

I think that it was mainly down to the quality of the items we had made which was where improvements could have been made such as a better printed box and also some sort of testing or a trial period. In addition to this if we had printed some t shirt with the logos on them it would have been a good item to have as part of the whole set.

What were the strengths of your presentation?

One of the main things that went well during the presentation was our timing and organization and the distribution of speaking was even.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Study Task 1 - 10 Images that show my creative Interest

10 Images that show my creative fields:

This image is one by an designer known as Fatoe, and mainly works with photos but uses inks and paints to create an illustrative look to his work, which I think links into how my work can sometimes look illustrative.

These two images above are by Andreas Hidber, swiss graphic designer, and I think shows my links to how my work can be clean and simple at times and also the methods used such as print.

These two images are from Mash Creative's 'State of the Obvious Mind' project, they are a design studio located in london, their clean and minimalistic approach to visual merchandise what I like and have previously responded to about their work.

These two images above are by graphic designer Elliot Hindes, which I think links into how I have recently grown interests into packaging and branding.

This image above is from the branding project for Bella Sicilia which was done by Denis Olenik and graphic designer Avivo, which I think shows and links to how I like to think of colour theory as one of my strengths.

This last series of images is by graphic design studio 'Tind who specialize in screen and silk screen printing which have inspired and motivated my interests in print and typography.

Study Task 1 - Why Am I studying at LCA/ What do I want to Learn?

5 Reasons why I chose to study on this programme:

1)        Live Briefs – during the second and third year some of the briefs that are set, are live projects set by companies big and small, which really motivated me to get onto this course.
2)        The structure of the course – how the years are split up and what sort of things you progress into learning, especially the business side of things during the second year.
3)        Reputation – how highly regarded the university is amongst all of the art specific universities across UK.
4)        Environment – the design engaged environment of the university and how everyone there is doing art and design and how it can contribute to how you think and work.
5)        Industry Links – how the university and course has links with design studios which select students to employ year after year.

5 Thing I want to learn during this programme:

1)        Money – the monetary & business side of being a graphic designer as this is one of the things that you would be taught how to do so in the second year.
2)        New techniques – new methods and forms of print, as it is an area I would love to explore more.
3)        How to protect work – again linking back to the business side of things, how to copyright and protect intellect property.
4)        New ways of using type – the theory and basics of using typography.
5)        The fundamentals of Graphic Design – the ins and outs of graphic design.

5 Skills I think are my strengths:

1)        Screen Printing
2)        Adobe Photoshop
3)        Colour Theory
4)        Branding/Logo Design
5)        Illustrative style

5 things I want to improve during this Programme:

1)        Time management
2)        Spelling/Academic Writing
3)        Compositional Skills/Layout
4)        Adobe Illustrator Skills
5)        Use of Typography

5 ways evaluate my progress:

1)        Tutorials/Crits – chats with peers or tutors as it would provide different ideas, points of views and opinions.
2)        Checklist – a simple list to make sure I’ve done all that was needed of me to do.
3)        Dissertation/written piece – mainly aimed at progress linked to academic writing.
4)        Feedback – just anything in tems of improvements and ideas.
5)        Software Skills class – linked to progress associated with using Adobe illustrator and other software.

5 things I want to find the answer to:

1)        What are of graphic design will I specialise in?
2)        Where will I be in 4 years time?
3)        What are the fundamentals of graphic design?
4)        Who will I be in 4 years?
5)        Will I get a first on this course?

5 things that inspire me:

1)        Creative use of colour – I love it when colour has been used in such a way that it makes the image.
2)        Natural Beauty – something that does not need to be changed or have anything done to it.
3)        My Parents – how they have come so far from having so little.
4)        My Extended Family – as they all support me in what I want to do and know how to have a good time!
5)        Good Graphic Design – makes me want to do some myself.