Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Alphabet Soup Illustrator Typeface Evaluation

One of the things about this typeface which I would have changed would be the fact I got it printed on matt paper as I would have liked to print it onto gloss but did not get around to doing so. I think it would have brought out the colour a lot more and would have complimented the initial design and the accents I have used are meant to emphasis that the polygon shapes and like diamonds.

I think that a lot of things went well as I was pretty happy with the outcome as all of the letter forms looked better once they were all together. I think that the yellow worked better than the originally proposed magenta as I think that it stands out but is not too striking. Some of the things I didn't think went so well or which I initially found challenging was was finding out how to actually remove part of the actual letter that was making contact with the shapes on Illustrator. I figured it out in the end but would have helped me if I had known before.