Friday, 14 December 2012

How to Evaluation

The how to brief had overall went well.

The main issues that we came across was the group not being able to decide on an idea and also not being organised enough, as we had to split into 2 different groups due to this. Apart from this minor hiccup me and Roxy picked up the brief and I believe we created a decent outcome to the issue given to us.

Some things that I think went well was how people interacted and reacted to the cards, as this was one of the main selling points of the cards, this was also the highlight of the presentation, speaking of which I think that the presentation was also one of the things that went well as I think that it shown and explained everything that it needed to about 'Jargon Beaters' and the Cards.

One of the things that didnt go so well was when I was getting the cards printed as we had initially wanted them to be printed double sided but the images were not lining up so we had to stick 2 sides together to make the cards, with that sin mind they ended up looking professional still.