Friday, 22 February 2013

Secret 7 Evaluation

I was fairly pleased with the outcomes from this brief as I had some sort of idea as what I wanted it to look like from the start.

One of the main things that went well during this brief was capturing the essence of the life of a 'Don' or at least some of the things that they would entale, such as guns, suits, cars and so on, linked to this was how the initial designs came out as I thought that a simple minimal shapes would reflect the simple rules and that the 'mafia' go by and how traditional they are in terms of family, values and so on.

One thing I would have done more of if I had the time would have been to take my own photos to use as images and also experimented more with what shapes to use such as the guns, or '$' sign.

Overall I think that this brief went well considering the restrictions of the brief and the time restraints of the actual Live Brief.