Saturday, 9 February 2013

Where are you now?


10 things I have learnt about myself as an individual and as a learner (These should reflect your personal development and individual journey since the start of the programme)

1)      Learning how to do Laundry, I as most students didn’t have to do much at home, but coming to university was a bit of a shock to me in that sense.
2)      Learning how to cook was also a big thing for me as it was another thing which I did not do as much at home compared to now.
3)      Doing my own food and general shop was another thing which I would rarely do back at home as I was not the only one I would have to buy things for and would be more expensive than shopping for myself.
4)      I have learnt how to get myself out and about to places independently, having to go around a totally new city can be daunting.
5)      Managing my money and finances, coming to university and getting a job in the summer before it, helped me to realise what and how to properly spend money and when to save it.
6)      Organisation in general, as having to commute when traveling by train every minute counts and this has made me very strict in terms of making lists for shopping, and working around certain things such as if I knew I had a train I would make sure I was ready and at the train station at least half an hour before my train.
7)      A higher tolerance level of others, as in student accommodation, living with others, you have to put up with things to don’t like and aren’t usually used to but you have to learn how to be tolerant to these things, as it is all part of growing up and being away from home and your comfort  zone.
8)      Time management is one thing that I still have issues with but is definitely one of the things that I have improved since coming to university,  especially when travelling to and from uni as at home I would have parents drop me off.
9)      Washing up, I shamefully did not wash up when I was at home and is one of the most time consuming parts of living on your own.
10)   Being more self dependent in general as all of the things I have listed link into this but even in minor situations I would usually ask for advice and help but have learnt to just work out or get on with what ever it was I having difficulty with.

10 Things I have learnt about myself as a designer....

1)    I have learnt how to properly use illustrator and  just how much better it is than Photoshop for actual graphic design.
2)    The importance of type in design, as this was one of the first things that we were taught and it just opened my eyes to just how important and versatile it can be.
3)    How to crit others work and the many ways which you can do this.
4)    I have learnt a lot more about how the world of Advertising works, this is because of the 3000 word essay we had to do on it, even though I found it very difficult I think that I still learnt some new facts about advertising.
5)    A broader set of sources for researching and looking up things in terms of design.
6)    The importance of research as it helps to get you thinking about any briefs that you may be working on and it is just good to keep up to date with design as it is constantly changing.
7)    Colour theory, and how it can used to manipulate what we may think we are seeing and how it can be applied to design, and alongside this its importance in design.
8)    What Graphic design actually is as before I started LCA I would consider a lot of illustration and even fine art pieces at times to be graphic design.
9)    Evaluating and looking back on work, as this was one of the things that I used to do in the past but never to as much of an extent that I do now, this just helps you to grow and mature as a designer and helps inform me of my previous good and bad design decisions.
10) The importance of design sheets and the overall process of design and not just the final piece, it is still something I admit I need to work on but has been something that a light has definitely been shone on in terms of area of improvement and importance.