Friday, 15 March 2013

Communication is a Virus Evaluation

Overall I think that we all worked well as a group but there were definitely some points where we could have communicated better. I would say that for this brief I did not contribute as much as I could have to a normal group brief, mainly due to being ill and because of this most of the design decisions were made when I was not present.

With it being a group brief there was not really a lot of room for things to go wrong, If anything the layout of the website was probably one of the biggest area I had trouble with, especially never having used before. 

The main point of this brief was to spread the word, like a virus and I think that we did, as we measured all of the hits we got on the blog and website and the amount of twitter followers we accumulated. In conclusion I think that we did answer the brief and that everyone contributed equally, even though I was not in for most of the days, I did take responsibility for the website, and twitter.