Thursday, 27 September 2012

Study Task 1 - 10 Images that show my creative Interest

10 Images that show my creative fields:

This image is one by an designer known as Fatoe, and mainly works with photos but uses inks and paints to create an illustrative look to his work, which I think links into how my work can sometimes look illustrative.

These two images above are by Andreas Hidber, swiss graphic designer, and I think shows my links to how my work can be clean and simple at times and also the methods used such as print.

These two images are from Mash Creative's 'State of the Obvious Mind' project, they are a design studio located in london, their clean and minimalistic approach to visual merchandise what I like and have previously responded to about their work.

These two images above are by graphic designer Elliot Hindes, which I think links into how I have recently grown interests into packaging and branding.

This image above is from the branding project for Bella Sicilia which was done by Denis Olenik and graphic designer Avivo, which I think shows and links to how I like to think of colour theory as one of my strengths.

This last series of images is by graphic design studio 'Tind who specialize in screen and silk screen printing which have inspired and motivated my interests in print and typography.