Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Set One Twenty Phone Interview

After the initial conversation I had with one of the owners of Set One Twenty, Michael McMahon, we had simply discussed my interest within the position.

A few weeks after the initial conversation I was again contacted by Michael regarding more details about the job and had an informal interview over the phone. We had mainly spoke about my previous work experience and educational past.

After speaking about some general information on the both of us Michael went on to discuss exactly what it was he was looking for and sort of jobs I would be looking at doing throughout the year. He had mentioned that one of reasons he was looking for junior designer was because the companies co-founder and graphic designer had moved to London as he had found a full time job there and would not be able to manage all of the design work for Set One Twenty.

Majority of the design work I would be receiving to do would be weekly promotional artwork for both print and screen based media but he also went on to mention that due to their residency with the MiNT Club & Warehouse venues in Leeds they were given the opportunity to re launch an existing night which had not been as successful in recent years and I would also be in charge of the branding for that new night – MiNT Sessions which would to taking over Teknicolor.

I felt that is an amazing opportunity as event design and event branding has always been something which I have been interested in and have never had the chance to do, with the company being situated in Leeds it would also be very convenient for me throughout the final year to gain some extra money and would count towards PPP and gaining a placement, although this would be more of a one day a week type of placement.

After this I decided to start gathering some relevant images which would inform my logo design for this project.

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