Friday, 29 August 2014


During the last phone conversation and informal interview I had with Michael, I mentioned the dates I was going to be back up in Leeds and we had arranged to meet when I was back.

We had met in their office that is located in Headingly. It was good to meet Michael and Liam Baxendale who is another owner and manager of Set One Twenty. We had discussed some of the work I had been working on and I got some feedback on some of the design I had been doing for them. They really liked some of the designs but then went on to mention that their head designer was not going to as busy as he had anticipated with his new job in London for the first couple of months so they had said that I would be working with him to brand the night using some of the existing designs they had done.

This was understandable as they have been working with their designer from the start of the company so there is obviously no question of reliability and trust and he is also a co-founder so he would have also had some input into this decision also.