Tuesday, 16 December 2014

NoCurfew Events Office Day

Today I had gone into work on new logo design for their existing Thursday Night 'Entourage'

I did some quick research which I compiled on a board on Pinterest.

I had an idea of the what the night was like as I had been to it before. The night is predominately a urban music student night, which is also targeted at slightly older student crowd aged 20-24. With this is mind I began to design the logo.

After they had chosen a final Logo, I had done some mock up social media images which they themes and colours specified for, Black, Gold and white.

These were the final logos we decided to use.

I had also done some poster designs with suitable imagery which they had suggested to use.

As the job trial was towards the end of december, they suggested that I started on some seasonal examples of the how the template I had designed would work.

Although the approach to designing this was not as developed as usual, I thought that it was a good experience and was a good opportunity to do some event branding.