Thursday, 15 May 2014

PPP 2 Evaluation

Throughout this years PPP module I feel that I've learnt a lot of skills to do with networking and talking to clients. With the responsive module being closely related to this I was able to develop these skills to a very good level, especially with having clients who were not the best to say the least. The personal branding project was very beneficial for me as I felt that concept building skills were something which played a very big part in it for me and was something which I improved and developed throughout the brief.

Research skills were something which I would like to think I improved on throughout this module, especially with the group project from this module, as we all had to do some research into what we were delegated, even though my group was not as organised as we should have been , we still did a lot of research. Using alternative forms of printing such as vinyl has been something I had used in this module, which I found very helpful as it is a good way to get colours onto stock you cannot digital print onto.

Applying and keeping consistency of branding and identity across suitable media was one thing which I thought I was able to do to a good level, as I was not too sure what to use for my promotional pack and what things I should apply the branding to at first, but I eventually got it right. My Presentation skills have improved a lot throughout this module, doing the actual presentation in addition to preparation for them, as in the past I have not exactly enjoyed them, and I am now a lot more confident in doing them. Linked in with this is talking about my work, this is one thing which I think I have improved.

My main weakness with most work is my inability to manage my time well, which then means that I cant do as much as I want with the briefs or means that the quality of it is not as desired. This is one thing which I am continuously striving to improve.

Keeping up to date with blogging is probably the main thing which I need to improve as this relates to not having enough time for other parts of the briefs. 

Planning ahead is another thing which I need to improve as I always have to end up using stock and materials which are only available at LCA, when I would like to use other specialist materials.

I think being more confident and practicing presentations is another thing which I need to improve.

Attendance - 5
Punctuality - 5
Motivation - 4
Commitment - 4
Quantity - 3
Quality - 4
Contribution - 5