Friday, 4 October 2013

10 Successes for Level 5

We had to make a list of 10 successes we wished to achieve by the end of second year on BAGD.

  1. Professionalism - to achieve a higher level of final produced outcome.
  2. Further Experiment with production - try out and improve on print processes, binding methods, etc.
  3. Collaborative projects - to do something during a brief with a student from another course or different year on BAGD.
  4. Photography of work - professionally take photos of work and final outcomes (industry standard)
  5. Blogging - to properly blog and do it when we get work set
  6. Time management - properly manage and prioritize my free time
  7. Leave enough time for production - something I learnt that you need to give time for as you will always come across problems with production.
  8. Development - developing work to a higher level, push any idea to its limit
  9. Taking better notes - more detailed notes from sessions, lectures, seminars etc.
  10. Presentation skills - talking with more confidence, how I present the work, how I talk about it, etc.